Bubble Bath


I went to bed feeling very guilty and like I’d let myself down last night. I wrote my 15th poem for NaPoWriMo and was half way through doing the illustration to go at the top, when my internet went completely off. I tried resetting it but it was so intermittent with signal that it was pointless trying to publish the post. So for that I am sorry. BUT because of my guilt, I made sure I was in the library relatively early so I could share yesterdays poem with you ūüôā

On a day¬†as beautiful as¬†today, the last thing I want to be doing, is sat in the library. Unfortunately, I’ve got 17 days until my final 3,000 word essay is due in ! I’m not holding out a heap of hope for a first in this one, but I’ll be happy with a 2:1 or even a high 2:2 because I hate the subject and I’m not doing it next year !

I also took a little time this morning to sort out my other social media platforms. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve got facebook : WombleBlog (…so I wouldn’t mind a few more likes…) and I also had instagram and twitter. I closed the Twitter account a while ago because to be honest, I didn’t know how to use it, but I reopened it and it’s looking very sparse because I’ve not tweeted for about a year ! If you like, my twitter name is : @WombleBlog. Finally, Instagram ! I love instagram and when I got my iPhone stolen it was the thing I missed most. I recently opened a new account which some of you followed (WombleBlog, Miss Adelaide Womble) BUT I remembered my old account so I’m using that again, and that one is womble_blog. Now you can follow to your hearts content ! No pressure but much appreciation …

Anywho, here’s my 15th poem for National Poetry Writing Month before I get onto beasting this essay.

Enjoy …

bubble bath

There’s nothing like a bubble bath,

To soak your cares away,

A hot and soapy sail boat,

Escape from a long, hard day.


Sometimes I like a shower,

But it’s never quite as nice,

As sinking through a foamy cloud,

Safe from the cold and ice.


©All rights reserved, Lauren Chantrell 2014.


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